The Hulston Thomas Advantage


HTPS has a proven track record in project delivery across the entire range of building and civil construction projects.   Our portfolio includes local and state government projects, residential and commercial projects.  We have achieved success by providing quality results in a time and cost that satisfy our client’s needs.

HTPS is able to provide project management services to assist with the feasibility, scope development, planning, stakeholder liaison, document preparation and delivery on a range of projects.  We can also provide assistance in the procurement of contractors and project implementation.

Being a specialist project management provider, we are fully aware of the importance that local stakeholder groups play in the planning and delivery of individual projects.  Within our current engagements and past projects, we have extensive experience in managing the consultation process with councils, sporting and community clubs and community representatives.

Our experience in dealing with stakeholders, funding bodies and government departments allows HTPS to provide a high level of project management and strategic guidance through each phase of a project.

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